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House bill prohibits sanctuary cities in Montana

March 28, 2017
The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday passed House Bill 611, which would prohibit sanctuary cities in Montana. It will now move to the full House for debate.

Senate bill forces online travel companies to pay full bed tax

March 28, 2017
Senate Bill 373 would make online travel companies pay a 7 percent tax, which is comprised of both a sales tax and a lodging facility use tax.

House bill allows Native American hiring incentives

March 28, 2017
Montana employers could get tax credits for hiring Native Americans if House Bill 655 makes it through the Legislature.

Missoula legislator's bill phases out styrofoam packaging

March 27, 2017
A bill entering the Montana House would eventually get rid of styrofoam food packaging, be it in to-go boxes or egg cartons. Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, says the aim is to protect the health of people and wildlife in Montana.

Caferro's bill taxes e-cig vapors to raise money for Medicaid

March 27, 2017
The sponsor of a bill that would increase the tax on cigarettes said Monday the revenue will help curtail the use of tobacco among Montana’s youth and provide a raise for personal care providers funded by Medicaid. Senate Bill 354 would also include e-cigarette-related vaporizing substances in the tax for the first time.

Legislature Week 12: Ballots, seed, spearfishing, eating disorders

March 26, 2017
Have you lost track of the latest developments at the Montana Legislature? We're here to help with reporter Michael Siebert's detailed roundup of Week 12: the brouhaha over mail-in ballots, local control over seed regulations, help for Montanans with eating disorders and more.

No easy fix for Montana's opioid, heroin epidemics

March 25, 2017
The state Office of Epidemiology reported that 181 Montanans died of prescription opioid deaths between 2012 and 2015. In an effort to prevent more overdoses, state lawmakers are currently debating two bills that would allow for easier access to naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of overdose.

House Judiciary passes bills rewriting sexual assault statutes

March 25, 2017
Senate Bill 29, among other things, would redefine the term “consent.” It would mean a victim would no longer need to prove “force” in rape cases. It would also create the new crime of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent.

Bill gives Montanans option to comply with Real ID Act

March 25, 2017
Montana is facing a deadline at the end of this year to comply with a 2005 federal mandate called the “Real ID Act,” which requires states to meet minimum security standards for identification cards used to access federal facilities or get through airport security. Senate Bill 366 would make it so that Montanans have the option to obtain a state driver’s license that complies with the standards.
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