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In letter, son of deputy killer speaks out about his father's violence

May 24, 2017
"The popularity of these movements right now, like the white supremacist alt-right, is a serious concern. These hateful ideas can quickly lead to violence. I hope I can bring this to attention in some little way."

Montana Voices: Trump budget threatens efforts to fight hunger

May 24, 2017
With nearly 140,000 Montanans living in homes that struggle with hunger, it is vital that we as a nation invest in strong hunger-relief and anti-poverty programs; instead, the president’s budget includes drastic cuts to the core of our social safety net.

Montana Voices: Nation needs vigorous investigation of Trump-Russia ties

May 24, 2017
Congress must conduct vigorous oversight over the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia to ensure the White House does not impede the work of FBI investigators.

Montana Voices: Trump's budget bad for Montana

May 23, 2017
This budget stands in stark contrast to the commitments the President made during his campaign to help those left behind by today’s economy; it would also shift significant costs to Montana at a time when our state is already struggling.

A Lee Enterprises publisher blasts corporate interference, demise of local journalism

May 23, 2017
On his way out the door, the publisher of Lee Enterprises' Coos Bay, Oregon, newspaper blasted the company: “If you care about the importance of local journalism and agree like I do that it is essential for responsive government and building a sense of community pride, then I urge you to make your voices heard. Write letters to the editor. Reach out to corporate ownership and demand that your local newspaper remain viable and accountable to the local community, not Wall Street," wrote Chris Rush.

Prairie Lights: A second opinion on that triple endorsement

May 21, 2017
Three of the biggest daily newspapers in Montana, all owned by Lee Enterprises, coincidentally endorsed the same U.S. House candidate on the same day. Here are a few things Ed Kemmick wishes they would have spent more time considering.

Montana Voices: Medicaid cuts would damage Montana schools, students

May 20, 2017
Recent efforts by Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could severely alter our public schools’ ability to foster all students’ development.

Montana Voices: Elect a true Montanan, resist East Coast money

May 20, 2017
The choice is as clear as it is simple: Kowtow to the big money, out-of-state PACs and continue the tradition by voting for an East Coast millionaire, or send Rob Quist, a true Montanan, to Congress.

Harmon's Histories: Early Missoula homes made way for Madison Bridge

May 20, 2017
The next time you're sitting in a construction delay at the Madison Street Bridge, remember these tales about the bridge's earliest days: leopard skins, the gold rush, the hanging of a road agent, and the birth of a famous Missoulian.
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