Letters: Williams would lead in the tradition of Jeannette Rankin

Kathleen Williams is running as a Democrat for congress. In the tradition of Montana congresswoman Jeannette Rankin, a woman is rising to take a leadership position at a time of great peril in our country.

When over seventy percent of Americans say healthcare is their greatest concern, Kathleen is prepared to defend women’s and all American’s right to healthcare.  She will protect our medicare and social security. She will keep us safe by banning ownership of the military rife, the AR-15.

Over the last year or so some of our male leadership in this country have been behaving badly. It’s time to have Kathleen join other women leaders in congress to take us on a more safe and successful path, and frankly one that is not so chaotic.

Kathleen can campaign with the best of them, but also, after the election, can govern with great experience.

Alex Taft is a former member of the Missoula City Council.