Letters: De Pastino needed in state House to promote school readiness

As a father watching my kids grow up through our Missoula County Public Schools, I am reminded of the critical growth I experienced in my own public school district as a child.

With both parents, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and sister all professional teachers, my respect for and value of educators cannot be overstated. Our schools shape individual and community life in profound ways and serve as a point of unification of families, neighbors, professionals, and even adversaries.

In support of this transformative part of my life and our collective lives as Missoulians, I am grateful to be turning to the leadership of Nancy de Pastino to be our advocate and ambassador for public education in the Montana House of Representatives.

Nancy’s passion for our children’s school readiness and our school systems’ financial capacity to serve them is met with a skill set and tenacity to deliver new results. Nancy’s representation will elevate the dialogue about public education and embolden its worthiness both on the dockets in Helena and in visible, strategic action realized in our kids’ schools in Missoula.

It is with confidence and solidarity that I anticipate hearing her voice from her new stage in 2019.