Former economic development director backs Curtiss’ reelection as county commissioner

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In my role as Executive Director of BREDD, a regional economic development organization, I had the privilege of working alongside of Commissioner Jean Curtiss for 10 years on economic development issues facing Missoula County. During this time, Jean led us through a transition in our economic base, which required listening, out of the box thinking, collaboration, and vision.

A county commissioner’s job requires leadership and a broad spectrum of knowledge ranging from community healthcare concerns to economic development and so much in between. It also takes a balanced approach since issues facing our rural areas differ from those in our urban neighborhoods.

With Jean’s leadership, we regularly secured millions of dollars directly to businesses for job creation and business planning. Jean’s willingness to listen, to hear new ideas, and figure out how they might work within the confines of the government has always been her strength. She also has the ability to see long-term solutions that will address issues in both our rural and urban areas.

Wage growth, healthcare, and conservation are some of the top local issues for me and I am voting for Jean Curtiss. I hope you will join me in voting for her in the June primary.