Letters: Commissioner questions Rye’s motives

Stacy Rye’s latest political trick to do an op-ed on Missoula County’s new parental leave policy with her campaign photo and only her signature is a perfect example of a politician, not a states person. This is just one more reason to vote for Dave Strohmaier, a qualified leader of integrity.

She had only been in the appointed position for a short time when I realized how county staff and our partner agency representatives were looking at me with the same questions in their eyes – “What is it that she doesn’t like about my work? Does my work have no value to her? Can’t you do something?”

The work environment became toxic and did not reflect the culture we have worked hard to create in Missoula County. Staff and other agencies do not have the luxury of taking a public stand against an elected (appointed) official but I do. A person can have good ideas and still not be the right person for the job. How you treat people and how you make them feel is important.

Her campaign against the status quo (me) and better public access makes it sound like this is a new idea she brought to the county. Previous Commissions have assessed, planned and budgeted for the software, staff and systems to make documents and minutes accessible electronically. It takes more than a magic wand. Stacy has never even been to our Records Center where we store millions of county documents in an accessible manner.

I am proud of Missoula County staff and leadership. I voted for Dave Strohmaier for Missoula County commissioner. I know he cares about respecting people and their work while looking for new ways to work smarter and be a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars. I encourage you to do the same.

– Jean Curtiss, Missoula County Commissioner