Missoula City Council elects von Lossberg as president, Jones as VP

The Missoula City Council has new leadership for the new year.

Ward 1 Councilman Bryan von Lossberg was unanimously elected the council’s president on Monday night.

Bryan von Lossberg

In nominating him for the post, Ward 3 Councilwoman Gwen Jones said von Lossberg “has shown leadership on this body over the last two years I’ve been on council.”

“He tends to research thoroughly and bring great analytic skills to issues,” she said, “which really is a matter of rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting down to work and figuring out what is going to be the best fit for this city and our culture and our budget. And he does a great job of that.”

While the post has been widely sought-after on some past councils, von Lossberg was the only nominee and was elected without objection or further comment.

He takes the helm from former Ward 6 Councilwoman Marilyn Marler, who did not seek re-election so that she can run for the Montana Legislature.

Von Lossberg can be reached by email at bvonlossberg@ci.missoula.mt.us.

Jones was then elected vice president of the council.

Gwen Jones

In nominating her, von Lossberg said Jones “likewise puts in the time to do the work and really sets a fantastic example” for her fellow council members.

Jones, he said, is willing “to work with and listen to every member of this body.”

She, too, faced no opposition and was elected by affirmation. Jones can be reached by email at gjones@ci.missoula.mt.us.

In his first duty as council president, von Lossberg nominated all council members to all council committees – at their request.

“I want to thank all of my colleagues for their dedication to all of the committees,” he said.